Mass Effect Andromeda Lead Writer Leaves To Join Rival


Christopher Schlerf, former writer on Halo 4, and Mass Effect Andromeda has joined up with Destiny developer Bungie.

Schlerf has spent the past few years at BioWare working on the hotly anticipated Mass Effect: Andromeda, and with his work on that project (presumably) completed, he’s decided to move on.

Schlerf said:

To confirm what some folks asked about a few months back, I am no longer working on ME:A at BioWare Montreal. Sincerely one of the best experiences of my career – I’m incredibly grateful to have worked with such talented and truly wonderful human beings. Think ME:A is really gonna blow people away; couldn’t be prouder to be part of it, and excited like a lil’ kid to play the final [game] when it’s out. All that said, very happy to be back in Seattle, working with this scrappy little company called Bungie that some of you may have heard of. Think we might have some interesting stories to tell…

Presumably Mr Schlerf has joined Bungie to work on Destiny 2. The original Destiny was criticised for its lack of coherent story, so bringing in a talented writer with previous experience in Sci-Fi shooters is a savvy move.

Then again, he could be working on the planned 2016 expansion for the current Destiny. We’ll have to wait and see.