Massive PS4 System Update Beta Coming Soon


Sony will be rolling out a beta test for their next big PlayStation 4 firmware update soon, and you (yes, you) can sign up now for a chance to test it out.

The PS4’s 4.00 system update will work in the same way that 3.00 and 3.50 did, in that a limited number of chosen PS4 owners will be able to test the new features and give feedback.

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To be eligible, you need to be 18 years old or over, and have an Internet-connected PS4. You also need to be able to access the master account on the system. If you are accepted, but decide that the update is a load crap, you can jump back to the current 3.55 at any time.

After that, I guess you’ll just have to sit in the dark crying because you know you won’t like what’s coming but you can’t do a thing about it.

There’s still no word on when the 4.00 update will launch for everyone, or what it even adds to the PlayStation experience.

Still, the beta itself will be commencing in early August, so we can expect to learn more from exited testers around that time.

If you decide you have what it takes to download and then use an update, I dare you to sign up here.

The only information you need to provide in the form is your PlayStation Network username, but if you forward on your bank details to me, I’ll make sure Sony sorts you out with an update.