MediEvil Remake “Feels Like Dark Souls” According To PlayStation

MediEvil Remake "Feels Like Dark Souls" According To PlayStationSony

The upcoming MediEvil Remake will have more than a hint of FromSoftware’s iconic Dark Souls series about it, according to a new blog post from PlayStation.

The post over on PS Blog goes into some detail after a lengthy hands-on session with the game at this year’s Gamescom, and boldly claims that “this is no brainless hack and slash romp: single enemies can do considerable damage, while mobs can quickly send the unwary back to the grave.”

The comparisons go further with the inclusion of complex level designs and over-the-top bosses, with the post claiming that fans of the ‘souls-like’ genre might be intrigued to see where the roots of the games’ genealogy sprouted from.

MediEvil Remake "Feels Like Dark Souls" According To PlayStationMark Foster

If memory serves, this is actually quite spot on. Once players were released from the tutorial crypt level, MediEvil was super difficult, although likening it to Dark Souls is sure to rile up disciples of both games.

Sir Daniel Fortesque fans will be pleased to hear, that the protagonists’ original voice actor and game’s story writer – Jason Wilson – will reprise his role as the unfortunate undead knight.

MediEvil Remake "Feels Like Dark Souls" According To PlayStationSony

Sadly though, Tom Baker won’t be coming back as the game’s narrator Grim Reaper and the game’s awesome music track has been re-recorded, albeit by the original composers, Bob&Barn.

MediEvil Remake will be shuffling its way towards us on October 25th, 2019, which as the astute among you will realise, is Halloween. Spooky.