Metal Gear Solid HD Fan Remake Mysteriously Shuts Down


Well, we always knew it was a possibility, but that doesn’t make it any more disappointing. Shadow Moses, the fan project that aimed to remake the PlayStation gem Metal Gear Solid in HD with Unreal Engine 4 has been shut down.

Back in January, the creator of the remake Airam Hernandez explained that the project was 100% unofficial, and that they’d need the permission of Konami somewhere down the line to put the final game out.

The developers posted a short statement on Facebook:

Hi guys! We have an important announcement to make today: We have to cancel the Shadow Moses Project for reasons beyond our control. We would like to thank everyone for the tremendous support we have received. Shadow Moses team.

So was this down to Konami getting involved and shutting the project down, or was it something else entirely? Only last month the Shadow Moses team teased a huge announcement for March 14, with many fans speculating that it’d be Konami giving their official support to the remake.

If you want to torture yourself, you can watch a short video showing how the remake was shaping up below. Spoiler: It looked pretty fucking cool.

The dreamer in me wants to believe that next week’s announcement will still come, and that Konami and the Shadow Moses team were just playing a horrible trick on fans. I know in my heart that’s not the case though.