Metro Exodus Is Preloading On Steam, But Not Epic Store

Deep Silver

You’ve no doubt already caught at least some of wind from the massive kerfuffle that arose when it was announced that the upcoming Metro Exodus would be an Epic Store exclusive, and wouldn’t be available on Steam. 

Accusations were bandied about, tears were cried, and some fans even decided a good way to protest the lack of the latest Metro game on Steam was to review bomb the Metro games that actually are on Steam, in a move akin to burning down McDonald’s because KFC changed their chips.

Deep Silver

While I’ll never understand the logic behind the review bombing, I do understand that a lot of gamers were left baffled and annoyed by the Epic Store deal, especially since they’d already pre-ordered Metro Exodus on Steam.

Of course, anyone who preordered the game on Steam will have their order honoured, and this is where things get funnier/more annoying depending on your perspective.

According to the Metro Exodus Twitter account, people who get the game on Steam will be given a preload period. Those on Epic’s store will not. Yeesh.

While there are some who would argue the ability to preload isn’t a massive deal, I’d argue it’s actually a pretty big perk. If you weren’t aware, preloading simply lets you download the game ahead of release so it’s ready to unlock and play come release day.

This saves those with limited time or those who booked the day off to play from having to wait five hours on release day for Metro Exodus to finish downloading.

Deep Silver

Publisher Deep Silver hasn’t commented on exactly why preloading for Metro Exodus won’t be available through the Epic Games Store, but this news is sure to go down well with anyone who wasn’t happy with the Epic Store exclusivity to begin with.