Metro Exodus Release Date Brought Forward As Game Goes Gold


Good news, everyone! The bleak, post apocalyptic horror FPS Metro Exodus has officially gone gold, and will now be releasing a whole week earlier than expected. 

The game will now launch February 15, one week before Anthem, which it previously shared a release date with. Whether or not that has anything to do with the game’s launch being moved up remains up to speculation.


Metro Exodus sees players exploring a war-ravaged Moscow, leaving the cramped underground tunnels of the previous games to explore a larger, semi open world in search of a safe new home.

Expect all kinds of mutated monsters and humans doing what they can to survive out in the world, because that’s just the way things go down in any post apocalypse. Expect a few more survival elements than you’re used to in the Metro series, but forgive them for it since it actually makes sense in the context of this game.

In other Metro news, the upcoming movie adaption of Metro 2033 (first a novel, then a game) was cancelled as the studio apparently wanted to “Americanize” the plot, moving the setting from Moscow to Washington, which misses the point of the novel and games by a hilariously long way.

Dmitry Glukhovsky, the author of the Metro series of books revealed to VG24/7 that he felt the producers and scriptwriter just didn’t really get what his work about, so the movie rights have reverted back to him for now.


He does however, remain hopeful that Metro Exodus can ignite something of a spark, and get more people interested in the idea of a Metro movie done right. I’m right there with him on that to be honest.