Microsoft Are Already Issuing Refunds For Infinite Warfare



Turns out Microsoft are already dishing out refunds for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare – but it’s probably not what you think. 

You might assume that people are demanding refunds because the new spacebound COD isn’t very good, but by all accounts it actually offers a solid and enjoyable experience.

However, the PC version has really shit the bed in one major area, and it’s this that has forced Microsoft to offer refunds to its player-base.

As you might have heard, Activision made the baffling decision to restrict who PC gamers can play with. So if you picked up Infinite Warfare on Steam and I picked it up through the Windows 10 Store, we would be unable to play together.

While the Infinite Warfare FAQ page does explain the restriction, you can’t blame players for expecting to be able to play with anyone else on PC regardless of where they got the game – a feature that exists in pretty much every other PC game.

See, while Steam players are mostly fine, those who got the game on Windows 10 have found themselves with an astonishingly small player pool, making it difficult to find anyone to play matches with.

So chaps, if you did buy Infinite Warfare through Windows and find yourself rather lonely, just remember that Microsoft will happily give you your money back.