Microsoft Have Detailed The Windows 10 Features Set For Xbox One


Microsoft executives will be holding their breath hoping that the new features in Windows 10 can persuade people to shell out for an Xbox One.

It’s no secret that Xbox has been outperformed by Sony’s Playstation 4 since its release, but Windows 10 is hoping to turn that around. Not all the features are revolutionary, in fact most of them are kind of minor and what gamers had asked for in the first place…. But, y’know, at least they’re listening.

In an ‘interview’ uploaded to the Xbox YouTube account, Larry Hryb and Mike Ybarra have a completely, one-hundred-percent-not-awkward chat about some of the new features.

The video goes on to detail some of the new aspects of Windows 10, including the Windows 10 app, sharing game DVR, cross-channel multiplayer and Xbox One to Windows enabled devices game streaming.

Microsoft are also working on a reverse streaming feature, where you can stream from your PC or tablet to the Xbox One, but no news on when that might be available. Windows 10 is currently free for download to anybody with a copy of Windows 7 or later.