Microsoft Might Be About To Announce Xbox One/Steam Cross-Play

by : Ewan Moore on : 24 Feb 2016 10:17

Get your salt at the ready chaps: It’s time for a healthy dose of rumour, and it’s a big one. There are rumblings that Microsoft may be announcing cross-play compatibility between your gamertag and Steam account.

According to a post on reddit, there has been active development on the domain name “xbox.steampowered.com” over the past couple of days, plus a big Microsoft press event coming tomorrow (February 25). Could it be?


Even if this does turn out to be real, it could mean any number of things. The prevailing theories are that you’ll either be able to link your gamertag with your Steam account to allow for cross-buy promotions, or be able to stream your Steam games to your Xbox through Windows 10.

Still, much like Columbo, I have just one more thing to add. It was reported a few days back that Microsoft’s Quantum Break would be coming to PC, as a Windows Store exclusive. As such, it won’t be coming to Steam.


Maybe it’s just me, but announcing a decision like that and then announcing a bro-bond between Xbox and Steam might seem a touch eccentric. It wouldn’t be impossible for them to allow third party games to cross between the two and keep certain exclusives for the Windows Store I guess. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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