Microsoft Offering Free Xbox One With This Purchase


Do you want a free Xbox One? Then all you have to do is pick up a Surface Pro 4 tablet from the Microsoft Store between now and August 14.

Okay, so the Surface Pro 4 isn’t exactly cheap to begin with. Prices for the tablet start at around £749 and only get more expensive – but you’re in the market for a tablet anyway and fancy a free next gen console, you’ve got yourself a bargain.

Making this deal come alive is fairly self explanatory. Just add the Surface Pro 4 and a £279 Xbox One into your basket. Once you head to the checkout, the price of the Xbox One will disappear.

This promotion comes after Microsoft announced it would discontinue the Surface Pro 3.

One would also imagine it could has something to do with the company clearing the way for the the sleek new Xbox One S, which is launching in August (and is apparently nailing it in terms of preorders).


Still, before you make any kind of Xbox related purchase, you should also be aware that the 4K ready Xbox Scorpio is launching Holiday 2017.

That machine is said to be about four and a half times more powerful than the standard Xbox One, and Microsoft seem pretty confident that it’s an absolute beast.

If you have any inclination to buy an Xbox One between now and 2018, just make sure you do some research and work out which is best for you.

Then again, if all you want is a shiny new tablet and fancy a free console just for kicks, you might as well go for this promotion while it’s around.