Microsoft Officially Unveils The Xbox One S


After more springing more leaks than a submarine made of Swiss cheese, Microsoft finally officially unveiled the Xbox One S during their E3 presentation.

What does the S stand for? Slim? Saucy? Sexy? Stupid? Probably the first one and definitely not that last one.

This new slim model boasts a 40% reduction in size, as well as a 2TB hard drive, with support for 4K video playback, and High Dynamic Range (HDR).

X-Box SlimThe Verge

The One S, which comes in shiny white, offers a vertical stand,  so that the console won’t have to sit horizontally if you’re not into that sort of thing.

There’s also a brand new streamlined controller, and a built in power supply – something Xbox consoles haven’t had since the original back in the day.

X-Box SlimMark Foster | UNILAD

The announcement of the Xbox One S comes amid a storm of rumours that Microsoft actually have two new Xbox consoles planned.

This was one of them (obviously) and the other is intended to be a more powerful model set to rival the recently confirmed PS4.5.

X-Box SlimThe Verge

This as-yet-unconfirmed powerhouse of an Xbox is code-named Scorpio and is said to run at 6 teraflops – four times the the power of the current Xbox One.

X-Box SlimThe Verge

Considering these rumours sprang from the same well as the PS4.5 and Xbox One S, both of which are now as real as you and me, it’s probably only a matter of time before the Scorpio is formally announced.