Microsoft Start Rolling Out New Xbox One Dashboard With Overhauled Design

The Verge

If the one thing stopping you from grabbing an Xbox One was the horrifying interface, then Microsoft have got your back as they introduce their brand new dashboard.

The update will download automatically next time you sign in, and will take up approximately 1.15GB of your precious hard drive space. If you’ve not got automatic updates enabled, you can head to the Settings menu and hit Update.

Bad news though if you love the UI at the minute, because Microsoft are making it a compulsory download as of November 23rd. According to Xbox’s Larry Hyrb, the new dashboard is built around user feedback, and is optimised for Windows 10.

The Verge

One of the major new features, is the ability to scroll vertically to view your recently played games, everything you own and your stats and achievements.

The much talked about backwards compatibility is also in action today, featuring 104 classic Xbox 360 titles you can play from the comfort of your Xbox One. Check out the full guide on how that works here.

People have been trialling the new update for a couple of weeks already, and the consensus seems to be that it’s a vast improvement on the Xbox One’s original dashboard.