Microsoft Tease Massive Showing For E3 2016


It’s now less than a month until E3 2016, and the hype machines are warming up nicely.

The latest news to come out of the Xbox camp is that Microsoft have been prepping for the event since December 2015 – and if sources are to be believed – plan to bring a massive Overwatch event along for the ride.

The news was revealed by Digital Storytelling Lead Jeff Rubenstein during the latest episode of Director of Xbox Programming Larry Hryb’s podcast.

Overwatch’s open beta attracted more than 9.7 million people to play the game, so it’s no surprise Microsoft jumped on the chance to ride that bandwagon like a tramp on hot chips.


In an attempt to be even more vague about what’s going on, Hryb also said that there was going to be “cool stuff” happening at the event that will make it the “best week ever” for Xbox fans and teased “a bunch of surprises”. So take what you want from that I guess.

E3 is running from June 14 to June 16 in L.A.