Microsoft To Show 14 First Party Xbox Games At E3 2019

Microsoft To Show 14 First Party Xbox Games At E3 2019Microsoft

Microsoft has been promising for a while now that E3 2019 will be a huge show for Xbox, leading most of us to expect a first look at the company’s next generation console.

While the future of Xbox is all well and good, I’m just as keen to here about what’s coming for the Xbox One. Thankfully, it’s looking more and more likely that Microsoft’s show will involve a massive lineup of games to new games to pore over.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer recently took to Twitter to announce that during the two hour press conference, we’ll be getting a look at no less than 14 Xbox Game Studios titles. In Phil’s words, that’s “more first party games than we’ve ever had in the show.”

Xbox Game Studios is the banner under which Microsoft’s first-party development studios sit, so that includes the likes of 343 Industries, Obsidian, Hellblade, and Playground Games.

Speaking of Playground Games, there’s been a fairly persistent rumour for a while now that the studio best known for Forza is in fact working on Fable 4. Could E3 2019 be the grand reveal of Fable’s long awaited return? I certainly hope so.

343’s Halo Infinite also seems like a safe bet for the show, as a gameplay reveal for the latest Halo in addition to a Fable reveal would be a huge move, especially given that Microsoft is the only one of the “Big Three” holding a press conference this year.


Gears 5 is also confirmed to be present at the show, so we can that tick that one off the list too. I wouldn’t turn my nose up a new Banjo Kazooie either, but I’m aware that’s wishful thinking.

Oh, and those 14 first party games will simply be on top of whatever third-party reveals Microsoft has up its sleeve. One such potential game that’s been doing Pre-E3 rounds is the rumoured George RR Martin/FromSoftware collaboration Great Rune.

While we still have no idea if the open world Norse mythology game from the Dark Souls studio exists, there have been a few intriguing leaks and reports over the past weeks that suggest we’ll see it during the Xbox presser.


Also during the Xbox show, we can expect more details on the recently announced Xbox Game Pass on PC. Expect news on pricing, supported games, and a release date for that. All eyes are on Microsoft to deliver big this year, that’s for sure.

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