Minecraft Getting New Enemies, Weapons, And More In Update


Minecraft is one of those games that will probably never be finished. You could say it’s always… building to something. I’ll wait for you to catch your breath from that knee-slapper before we proceed. 

Still with me? Lovely. We had plenty of Minecraft news coming out of the Minecon Earth 2018 event – including a new dungeon crawler spinoff game – but what really caught our interest were the new details on the impending Village & Pillage update for the core Minecraft experience.


Mojang shared plenty of sweet new details on the update. We’ll be getting new NPCs like The Librarian, The Cartographer, and The Butcher, for example – all of whom sound like more like serial killers than friendly Minecraft characters to be honest.

We’ll also face new enemies in the form of Pillagers and Beasts. The former will carry crossbows, a weapon new to popular build-’em-up, which we’ll be able to craft ourselves or simply pinch from the Pillagers.

If that’s not enough for you, Mojang also confirmed Panda bears are joining the game, along with more cats, biome updates, and a floating theme park called Inspiration Island. They had me at Panda bears, to be honest.


Mojang also confirmed in a blog post that they’ll be introducing scripting API soon, ushering in the era of Minecraft fully embracing mods in the process. All of these features are on the way very soon, with a beta kicking off October 3