Mod That Merges Fallout 3 And New Vegas Gets Awesome Rebuild


You might well have heard of Tale of Two Wastelands before. It’s an ambitious mod that essentially merges Fallout 3 and New Vegas, allowing players to explore the two worlds with the same character. 

After three long years and a lot of hard work on the part of the modders, the much anticipated 3.2 update is finally here, and it represents a “total rebuild”. If Fallout 76 has you craving a more traditional Fallout experience, this could be for you.


The mod lets players move between DC and the Mojave Wasteland by going to train stations in-game, since actually mashing the two worlds together in one map would be a nightmare (and geographically speaking, just plain wrong).

The total conversion mod takes everything from Fallout 3, quests, weapons, story, DLC, and runs it through the New Vegas engine, even introducing features that were in NV but weren’t present in Fallout 3.

Clearly keen to deliver a complete experience for players, they’ve even come up with a pretty decent bit of lore that essentially means the Lone Wanderer becomes the Courier, merging the two games’ silent protagonists into one.

If you really want to see everything that’s been changed, you can take a look through the 30,000 lines long changelog over on Reddit. For more information on how to safely install and run the mod, just pop over to the official site.


Following the fairly divisive reception to Fallout 76, it’s nice to see the community come together to enjoy a bit of old school Fallout fun.