Modders Are Making Tamriel In Skyrim’s Engine, And It Looks Awesome

by : Ewan Moore on : 21 Jun 2016 12:23


I think anyone who’s ever played more than one Elder Scrolls game can agree that it’d be awesome to mush together all the different provinces and explore Tamriel as one large location. 


Well that’s where the team over at Beyond Skyrim come in. Their mission? To recreate all of Tamriel in Skyrim’s engine. Ambitious, no?


Essentially, the team at Beyond Skyrim is a massive collective of modders who realised there were too many scattered attempts at creating “one Tamriel” so instead, decided to pool their resources and form a mega-coalition of talented folk.

As they describe it:


Beyond Skyrim is a massive multi-team mod project that opens the borders and brings Skyrim’s neighboring provinces to life. No longer will you be turned back at the borders of Skyrim, but you can travel onwards to the lands beyond.

Obviously, the project is nowhere close to being finished, but the team is making massive strides every day. Most recently, they delivered an update on their progress with Iliac Bay, complete with some gorgeous screenshots – check ’em out:





Bethesda recently announced their plans to remaster Skyrim for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. This is set to include mod support – but somehow I can’t see Beyond Skyrim making its way to consoles anytime soon.

If you think you’ve got something to offer the Beyond Skyrim team, you can head over to their recruitment page and set your stall out.

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