Modern Warfare Crossplay Beta, Gun Mechanics, Modes, And Everything We Know So Far

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Modern Warfare Crossplay Beta, Gun Mechanics, Modes, And Everything We Know So FarActivision

Activision dropped a ton of information on the multiplayer component of Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare reboot last night, announcing a load of new modes, details on the multiplayer beta, cross play, and more. 

The publisher described Modern Warfare’s multiplayer in a press release as “the ultimate online playground with a classic multiplayer experience and an all-new cooperative”, and based on our own experiences with the game during a hands-on event earlier in the week, we liked what we saw.


You can keep an eye out for our full impressions on the game later on this weekend, but for now take a look at the multiplayer reveal trailer below before we dive into what Activision had to say about the game.

Activision promises a “broad selection” of new play spaces that will “redefine” the Call of Duty Sandbox, through a mix of gameplay modes old and new that span rapid-fire close quarters 2V2 matches (such as the previously announced Gunfight), and “large combat maps that support a wide array of play styles and larger player counts.”

The publisher wrote in its press release:


Fans of the series will find a breadth of modes to choose from, including classics like Team Deathmatch, Domination and Headquarters, as well as new modes adding depth to the traditional multiplayer experience. Among others, new modes include Cyber Attack, a new spin on Search and Destroy, Ground War, the epic large-scale mode supporting more than 100 players and Gunfight, the quick-action, close quarters duo-based combat.

A number of new mechanics were also revealed for the shooter, including bullet penetration, door breaching, and multiplayer maps that actually require the use of Night Vision Goggles (NVGs). Previous games featured NVGs that could be toggled, but were never really obligatory to play through the maps, whereas Modern Warfare is changing this up for an “unprecedented tactical experience for players.”

As for weapons, we’ve been told to expect a complete overhaul of the game’s many weapons with “realistic gun mechanics with an immersive & impactful sound and feel that creates a new sensation of precision & authenticity”, plus more customisation than ever before, with the ability to outfit multiplayer operators in “all the best gear and weaponry” via the new Gunsmith system.

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Modern Warfare will also of course be getting open and early access beta tests. Activision confirmed that there will be both PlayStation 4 exclusive tests, and tests for crossplay between PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

The PS4 early access beta will run from September 12 – 13, before the open beta kicks off On September 14, ending September 16. After that, an early access crossplay test will be available September 19-20, and the open crossplay beta from September 21-23. To get early access to the beta, you’ll need to pre-order Modern Warfare. 

Finally, Activision announced Special Ops, a returning co-op mode from previous games in the Modern Warfare series, with a few new twists. In Special Ops, players will be able to squad-up and run through a series of “elite operations accessible to all skill levels.”

Special Ops will be tied into the game’s campaign and multiplayer in a number of unexpected ways, and while Activision doesn’t want to ruin any surprises, it did confirm that “players can experience unified progression throughout the entire game – whether it’s across story, online multiplayer or cooperatively.”


All in all, 2019’s Modern Warfare is looking like exactly the kind of Call of Duty game fans have been waiting for since… well, probably since the last Modern Warfare. You’ll be able to pick up Infinity Ward’s latest effort on PS4, Xbox One, or PC on October 25.

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