Modern Warfare Remastered Getting Microtransactions According To Data Mine



You have to hand it to Activision – they really know how to squeeze as much cash as possible out of remastering a beloved gem like Modern Warfare

Clearly not content with charging upwards of £70 for deluxe versions of Infinite Warfare (currently the only way to get Modern Warfare Remastered), it now seems that microtransactions are set to be introduced somewhere down the line.


This is according to a number of intrepid data miners, anyway. Reddit users Semyel and Tails came across data which points to the inclusion of a number of weapons from other Call of Duty games – such as Modern Warfare 2’s Striker.

In addition to old favourites, it also seems we can expect new weapons, such as a shovel melee weapon (hi, Battlefield 1) and a Kamchatka-12 automatic shotgun, which certainly looks the business.

Videos of both in action were shared on YouTube but were then taken down by Activision, but you can take a look at some screenshots below.

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While the optimist in me wants to believe that these new weapons will be given out as part of a future update, it seems that the Reddit duo also stumbled across files which point to the inclusion weapons dealers, perhaps similar to Black Ops 3’s black market?

Texture files named with the term “loot” were also found, which seems to point to some kind of new system. It’s not clear whether these new items and features were meant to be in the game from the start, if we’ll ever see them, or if they’ll make their way into the game soon.

All I know is that people love Modern Warfare. If Activision really do decide to defile the memory of a classic with microtransactions, then I can’t imagine people will be happy.