Monster Hunter Star Milla Jovovich Calls The Movie “Incredible”

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Monster Hunter Star Milla Jovovich Calls The Movie Capcom

Whether you want it to or not, the live-action Monster Hunter movie is coming closer with each passing day. Just recently, lead actor Milla Jovovich of Resident Evil fame was bigging up the fantasy flick at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. 

Variety had a quick chat with Jovovich, and asked her which of her projects we should look forward to next. Jovovich responded by directing us all to “Monster Hunter 2020!” before describing the movie as “incredible.”


You can check out her full thoughts on the film via the video below.

The actor explained that training for the movie was challenging, but admitted that the project has ultimately made her “mentally more able to deal with the overwhelming experiences that we all go through in our lives.”

Monster Hunter is being directed by Jovovich’s husband Paul WS Anderson. The two also worked together on the live-action Resident Evil films, which were of… varying quality. The movie is being produced by Constantin Film, who were also behind Resident Evil and are currently gearing up to develop a Just Cause movie with the creator of John Wick.


Monster Hunter will follow a UN military team (led by Jovovich) that ends up in another dimension full of monsters. It’s here that Jovovich meets a “Monster Hunter”, played by Tony Jaa. As the two join forces to close a portal that threatens Earth, she presumably learns what it means to be a hunter of monsters. Or something to that effect.

Here’s how Anderson explained the film to Deadline a few years back:

An ordinary man in a dead end job discovers that he is actually the descendant of an ancient hero. He must travel to a mystical world to train to become a Monster Hunter, before the mythical creatures from that world destroy ours.


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I’m not entirely sure why there has to be a real world connection in a Monster Hunter movie, but there is, so we just have to deal with it. Still, Jovovich seems incredibly proud and excited of what the team have managed to do with the movie, so that has to count for something.

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