Mortal Kombat Creator Wants Scooby Doo In Injustice 2

Warner Bros

Ed Boon, co creator of excellent fighting games like the brutal Mortal Kombat and DC brawler Injustice has gone on record and revealed that he wants to see Scooby Doo come to Injustice 2

This comes hot on the heels of the alarmingly popular petition to get Shaggy into Mortal Kombat 11 as a fighter, in light of a strange new meme that paints the cowardly detective as an all powerful deity.

Boon took to Twitter to jokingly suggest he’d soon be starting his own petition to get Scooby in Injustice 2, even going so far as to share a cool mockup that imagined what the cartoon dog might look like in-game and about to face off with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Just to be clear, the Ninja Turtles are actually in Injustice 2, alongside the likes of Batman, Superman, and Mortal Kombat fighter Sub Zero, so adding Scoob to the mix wouldn’t be the craziest thing.

His tweet currently has over 31,000 likes and 6,200 retweets, so it’s safe to say people wouldn’t be against seeing this actually happen.

Despite the fact that Warner Bros own the rights to Mortal Kombat and Scooby Doo, we probably won’t see Shaggy show up in MK, given WB probably don’t want kids to see a beloved childhood icon have his spine ripped out through his nose.

Scooby in Injustice 2 would be another matter, however. Given it’s a relatively tame fighting game starring DC superheroes (and the Ninja Turtles), we’d be much more likely to see WB relent and let NetherRealm include the meddling mutt if there was enough support for it.


Of course, this sudden desire to get Hanna Barbera characters into mature fighting games is probably a flash in the pan. I mean, I’ve written two articles about Scooby Doo and NetherRealm in the space of one week.

It’s not something I can say I’ve ever had to do before, and this should (hopefully) be the end of it unless Warner Bros actually makes either character official.