N64 Classic Announcement Is ‘Imminent’ According To Leak


Get your salt ready: Nintendo is apparently gearing up to announce the long-rumoured N64 Classic very, very soon, according to a new report from Gaming INTEL.

The site claims to have received leaked information from an anonymous source, who suggests that Nintendo will be unveiling the console after today’s Smash Bros Direct presentation at 2pm today (November 1).


Gaming INTEL notes that this tipster is an “untested source”, but they themselves strongly believe the report to be true, and other industry insiders have apparently had no reason to repute the claims.

It’s also worth noting that Gaming INTEL has correctly predicted Nintendo related news in the past – most recently providing the correct dates for the last three Nintendo Direct presentations.

The Smash Bros Direct is also set to be followed by a Nintendo Treehouse show, which would be the perfect time to unveil the N64 Classic. It’d also make sense for the company to announce and release such a console sooner rather than later, what with Sony’s own PlayStation Classic releasing just in time for Christmas.


The existence of an N64 Classic has been rumoured for a while now. Nintendo themselves recently inadvertently dropped a big hint when fans discovered the existence of PDF manuals for N64 games on the company’s website.

19 manuals were found in total, which seems like just the right amount of games to load onto a potential N64 Classic. Games included Mario Kart 64, Pokemon Snap, and F Zero X, any of which would be welcome additions to a library of curated N64 titles.

While there’s been no reports of a potential release date, I’d put money on the console being released in December if it is indeed announced this month, so that it can compete with the PlayStation Classic over the holiday period.


We’ll keep you updated with any N64 Classic related developments of course. If these reports are true, we’ll know by the end of the day – but keep your wits about you until then, as this is far from a confirmation.