N64 Emulator Now Live On Xbox One, Here’s How To Get It


The idea of playing Nintendo games on an Xbox console goes against all laws of God and man – and yet we can (for now) use an N64 emulator on Xbox One. 

Naturally, this is only a possibility since Xbox One recently opened up its doors to Windows UWP, making emulators a delightful reality.

The N64 emulator goes by the name ‘win64e10’ on Xbox Store, and comes hot on the heels of a NES emulator for the Microsoft console, which was swiftly taken down.

The description on the Xbox Store reads:

[win64e10] is the most advanced N64 emulator for Windows 10. Play your favorite N64 games on your PC, tablet, Windows Phone, and Xbox One. You need Windows 10 Mobile to play on your phone.

Apparently, the emulator can play all N64 games, has support for 360/One controllers, a cheat mode, and the ability to use save states.

In case you’re thinking this is too good to be true, Reddit user CWade3051 recently shared some photographic proof of the emulator in action:



I can’t imagine Nintendo are gonna allow this to remain on the console for long (and to be fair, why should they?). If you fancy giving it a whirl, download it from here while it’s still hot.