Namco Offers £6,905 To Anyone Who Can Explain Dark Souls’ Story


Dark Souls fans could be in with a chance to win £6,905 ($10,000). All you need to do is create a video that succinctly and accurately explains what actually happens in the first two Dark Souls games.

If you ask me, you’d have an easier time getting that money by attempting to literally will it into existence – but better men and women than me have clearly had a good go at it.

The My Dark Souls Story contest was put in place to try and help explain Dark Souls 3 to any newcomers to the franchise. One might argue that the series is a little hard to follow – after all, narrative isn’t really the priority in these games, but there is an admittedly rich lore in place for those dedicated enough to seek it out.

While the winner might well walk away with the big dolla, runner-ups shouldn’t be too disappointed. Second and third place will be rewarded with a 55” tall Red Knight statue and a 16” tall Dark Souls 3 Lord of Cinder statue respectively.

Fan response was pretty swift, with thousands of videos being sent in. One great effort (below) decided to adopt the mockumentary format, explaining Dark Souls as historical fact.

Other highlights include Embers (a much more cinematic affair) and Death Is The Beginning, which showcases some gorgeous original artwork. Hopefully when the winner is announced, we can all watch that video and finally find out what the fuck has been going on for the past two games.