Naughty Dog Share Uncharted 4 DLC, Launch Modes, And More

by : Ewan Moore on : 03 May 2016 10:20

Good guy Naughty Dog have shared a load of awesome new info regarding a little game called Uncharted 4. Maybe you’ve heard of it?


Let’s start with the best news first, shall we? Designer Robert Cogburn revealed on the PlayStation Blog that all future DLC maps and modes will be free for all players. Thank you.


The game will have microtransactions – wait, come back – but these will include things like vanity and gameplay items, and can also be earned through simply playing the game if you have the patience.

Cogburn said that the benefit of free multiplayer DLC is that the community won’t be fragmented, which makes sense. This marks a departure for Naughty Dog, as previous Uncharted games charged you for DLC maps.


Cogburn explained:

We are confident it will have a hugely positive impact and keep the Uncharted 4 multiplayer community thriving.


But there’s so much more. Uncharted 4’s multiplayer DLC will include maps, modes, weapons, vanity items, and boosters, among other things.

Said DLC can be unlocked by spending Relics, which can be earned through completing challenges or winning matches. These Relics can then be spent on DLC chests, which come in two flavours: Vanity and Gameplay.

The chests include randomized content, so it’s pretty much luck of the draw, but you’ll never get the same thing twice.

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Of course, if you can’t be fucked with any of that, you can just buy your way in with real money.


Naughty Dog also shared a fulsome road map that details where they plan to go with their post game content. It certainly looks like we’ve got a hell of a lot to look forward to – and yes, that is a co-op mode coming in Autumn. Get excited.


Then there’s the Uncharted 4 Triple Pack (£17) which comes with the mysterious single player expansion, as well as a ton of multiplayer weapons and vanity items. While you can get the items through gameplay, the single player DLC will cost you, so this is just a cheeky ‘lil bundle.

Finally, Naughty Dog shared a list of Uncharted 4 multiplayer modes that are coming at launch. I’ll attempt to briefly go through them, but if you want a more in depth explanation, then head to the PlayStation blog.

So, we’ve got Ranked (a standard deathmatch/tournament kind of deal), Command (capture the flag with a bit of an Uncharted spin), Team Deathmatch (does what it says on the tin), Plunder (grab a treasure and try and get it back to your base), Warm Up Playlist (kind of a training mode) and Trials (arcade style waves of enemies that award relics for high scores).

It looks like we’ll have plenty to be getting on with at launch, and loads more still to look forward to come then. Uncharted 4 launches exclusively for PlayStation 4 on May 10.

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