New Battlefront Footage Shows Skywalker Killstreak and Hero Saber Clash


With the beta now only a couple of days out, new footage has emerged of Luke Skywalker going ham on snowtroopers and Vader clearing house of rebel scum in Walker Assault.

Uploaded to YouTube by jackfrags, the five minute clip starts by showing off the duelling system in Star Wars Battlefront. Apparently, you can enter into a lightsaber duel if two heroes hit their heavy attack at the same time. The person who can hammer ‘attack’ most during a specific time, will be able to temporarily stun the opposing hero.

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After that, Luke Skywalker takes some time out of his busy schedule to destroy a whole team of snowtroopers with one-shot kills, before Vader wades in with his devastating force choke.

Thankfully, EA and Dice haven’t made these hero characters too over-powered, and they’ll need to kill relentlessly to keep their health bar from draining – useless in the hands of an amateur, but game-changing if used right.

Star Wars Battlefront will enter its open beta between October 8 and October 12, before it goes to a galaxy far, far away. Until November 19 when it will release on Playstation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC via Origin.