New Dark Souls 3 Screenshots Reveal All Kinds Of New Info


Dark Souls 3 – the third entry in Bandai Namco’s hard-as-nails action adventure series for masochists – is landing in the West on April 12 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Now, they’ve have shared some saucy new screens and artwork, just to whet our appetite even further. 

The new screenshots reveal a few new bits of info for anyone keen to learn as much as they can about Dark Souls 3 before launch day. As you probably already know, it’s a rather pretty game. There are all kinds of desolate, beautiful locations for you to explore and subsequently die horrible, painful deaths in.

We also get a look at a few new characters, some shiny new armour, and a formidable looking boss called the Ludex Gundyr (pictured above). Old Ludex will be one of the first challenges we come across in Dark Souls 3, and he wields a big ass spear which he will most likely use to ruin your day multiple times.

You can take a peek at the rest of the screens just below. Don’t be shy.