New Dead Rising Movie Gets Debut Trailer And Poster


A trailer for the sequel to a Dead Rising movie you probably didn’t know existed has landed, courtesy of Crackle – a streaming service that you probably haven’t heard of. 

To be fair, the our first proper glimpse of Dead Rising: Endgame certainly is interesting, even if it proves tonally elusive for the time being.

Will it be a purposefully over the top zombie action comedy, or a flop that takes itself too seriously? I honestly can’t tell yet.

Based on the fantastic zombie slaying videogame franchise, Dead Rising: Endgame follows investigative reporter Chase Carter, played by Jesse Metcalfe (John Tucker Must Die), as he enters a city (filled with zombies of course) to expose a secret government conspiracy.

Shout out to some truly cool FX work too, by the way – that zombie girl with half a face is genuinely awesome. Check out the trailer below.

Endgame debuts on Crackle on June 20. 24‘s Dennis Hysbert makes his return from 2015’s Dead Rising: Watchtower, which didn’t actually suck.

Meanwhile, Titanic‘s Billy Zane – a man so quasi-famous that the biggest film you’d know him from was released in 1997 – pops up in Endgame as a scientist hired to cure the pesky zombie outbreak.

Continuum director Pat Williams helms the project, with Terminator Salvation‘s Michael Ferris and Mortal Kombat: Legacy‘s Tim Carter are on board as writers. There’s also a shiny new poster, which you can see below.


Dead Rising: Endgame will make its grand Crackle début on June 20. Mark your calendars folks.