New Details And Images Show The Jurassic World Game That Never Was

Cryptic Studios

Earlier this year, it emerged on Reddit that a tie-in game for Jurassic World was being worked on, then subsequently canned, never seeing the light of day.

As reported by a Jurassic World fan site, a Reddit user explains how Cryptic Studios – best known for their work on City of Heroes and Star Trek Online – were developing the third-person open-world survival game, apparently similar to H1Z1 before it was cancelled.

Cryptic Studios

The Jurassic World game would have utilized the Unreal Engine 4, and had you playing as a digital Chris Pratt attempting to survive in a dino-infested world. It was being developed as a budget, digital only download for Steam, Xbox Live and Playstation Network.

Cryptic Studios

The newly leaked images have been taken down from the fan website, but many can still be found on this NeoGAF thread. A video was also released and taken down, but pesky YouTubers have since re-uploaded it.

Universal haven’t given up the ghost entirely on a Jurassic World game, with Lego Jurassic World still being available. So there’s always that.