New Evidence Suggests GTA V DLC May Have Been Planned


While most of us can agree that GTA 5 was a high point for Grand Theft Auto, Rockstar Games, and open world titles in general, it still sucks that we’ve yet to see any single player DLC.

New evidence – found by some dedicated fans over at the GTAForums – might well point to the the fact that Rockstar were indeed working on DLC for the game at some point.


A few community members on the forums have found proof that Rockstar were actually working on recreating Liberty City in GTA 5’s engine, which sounds pretty exciting.

It’s not clear whether this was for the GTA Online aspect of the game, if Rockstar were planning to use it as single player content, or if some of the developers were just fucking around to see what they could build – but it’s definitely Liberty City.

Their evidence comes from the portfolio of Adrian Page, an artist at Rockstar since 2011. Page’s portfolio contains several screenshots of GTA 5, including alpha and beta builds all the way through to launch.

One eagle eyed forum member by the name of BlackScout noticed the Middle Park location from GTA 4, clearly rendered in a new engine.

Poster WildBrick142 then tried to recreate the same screenshot using the video editor in GTA 4 to compare the two scenes, and it looks like it’s a match. Take a look at the comparison below.

Rumours of Liberty City DLC have floated around since even before GTA V saw release. Ex-Rockstar North president, Leslie Benzies previously talked about the possibility of one world connecting all GTA cities back in 2012.

Again, bear in mind that this isn’t a confirmation of any kind, and it really could be any number of things – The discussion rages on over at the GTAForums.

Still, it’s pretty awesome to know that Liberty City is still in the hearts and minds of the folk at Rockstar. It’d be better if we ever actually got some single player DLC for GTA 5, but we take our victories where we can.