New Evidence Suggests Shadow Of Mordor 2 Is Coming



It might not actually be that huge a surprise, given the huge success of the original, but new evidence suggests that Shadow of Mordor 2, a sequel to the incredible Lord of the Rings spin off game, is indeed on the way. 

The news comes from a CV, of all places.  NerdLeaks found the online resume of stuntwoman Lauren Mary Kim, who mentions that she’s worked on Shadow of Mordor 2. I mean, we all lie on our CV to an extent, but this would be a pretty big porkie.

Presumably, she’s done motion capture work for the game itself. Other listings on the CV boast contributions to trailers for games like ReCore and Mafia III – could a CG announcement trailer be coming at E3?

No further details beyond that (how much can we really get from a CV?). Although she does state the work was done with Blur, which I assume is a reference to animation studio Blur Studios, and not the four piece brit-pop band best known for Parklife. 

Blur Studios, of course, have worked on the likes of Sunset Overdrive and Halo: The Master Chief Collection, so it’s definitely looking legit at the moment.

Developer Monolith have previously hinted that a sequel would be coming, and they actually went on a hefty hiring spree last Summer.

All signs point to Mordor…