New Expansion Content Revealed For Halo 5, Coming This Week


Microsoft and 343 Industries revealed a load of details on the new Halo 5 expansion: Hammer Storm during a three hour Twitch stream last night. There’s plenty of cool new stuff to sink your teeth into, and we’ll be able to get our hands on it before the weekend. 

So, what exactly will we be getting in the expansion? The awesome sounding Decimator, and Marauder armour sets, a new arena map called Torque, new gametypes, custom game options, and new (old) weapons the Gravity Hammer and the pistol from Combat Evolved, among other things.

A tweet was also posted during the live stream that contains a handy graphic of everything coming to the Halo 5 expansion.

Hammer Storm is the fourth free expansion for Halo 5, following Battle of Shadow and Light (November 2015), The Cartographer’s Gift (December 2015), and Infinity’s Armory (January 2016).