New Fallout 4 Gameplay Footage Has Been Revealed And It’s Magnificent


It’s the moment every video game fan has been waiting for, and today we finally get a proper look at the Fallout 4 gameplay from E3. Good guy Bethesda does it again.

E3 feels like years ago now, but this footage captured at the Xbox briefing during the convention is as fresh as a post-apocalyptic daisy. Bethesda seem to be releasing little snippets of the game every now and again to whet our appetites and good God is it working.

In the video, we see the male character (you can choose from both male and female protagonists) emerge from Vault 111 to take his first baby steps in the wasteland world of Fallout. As well as showing off the jaw dropping visuals, we’re re-introduced to characters like Codsworth and Dogmeat, who featured in Bethesda’s previous clips of the game.

They also show off the much loved V.A.T.S system and even throw some light on the absolutely badass Power Armour, as you make literal mincemeat of your enemies and even a Deathclaw.


Thought that was everything didn’t you? Don’t worry, Bethesda got you covered. They’ve also released an awesome little display of weaponry, gore and Deathclaws in this combat montage. What a time to be alive.