New Need For Speed Trailer Shows Game Will Mix Live Action And Gameplay

by : Mark Foster on : 05 Aug 2015 10:47

EA have been working with Ghost Games to produce what they hope will be the best Need for Speed game yet, with a huge focus on an evocative storyline.


The game will mix live action cinematics with high-def gameplay in a hope to bring the most immersive storyline the franchise has ever had. EA and Ghost Games have been working with automotive “icons” in order to get the best out of the story, and make it as grounded as possible. The gameplay looks very slick and all the cars in the game will be fully customisable to make you’re own wild creations.

Speaking about the “icons”, Ghost Games’ executive producer said in a statement:

We wanted to create a powerful story that’s emotional but also pushes the boundaries of technology by adding real-time compositing to the power of Frostbite. This allows us, for the first time ever, to blend live-action film seamlessly with your in-game car and garage.


EA have also released a list of these “icons” who are detailed below the video. Need for Speed will release November 3rd on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Speed Icon – Magnus Walker collects and restores classic Porsche 911s. He is known for his high speeddriving and will push you to enhance your reputation through adrenaline-fuelled driving.

Style Icon – Ken Block is notorious for his style of aggressive driving, as he showcases in his phenomenal YouTube GYMKHANA series. Earn his recognition by mastering the art of precision sliding and jumping through corners and on the streets.

Build Icon – Nakai-san is the founder of RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF (RWB), a world renowned tuning and customizing company. Focus on creating that perfect customized ride as you look to impress him.

Crew Icon – Risky Devil are an infamous drift crew. These guys are the kings of close proximity driving and control. Ride in packs, inches away from wiping each other out as you get to grips with precise control and wild drift trains.

Outlaw Icon – Morohoshi-san doesn’t care how people categorize him, he just does what he wants. He’s often seen on the night streets rolling around in his customized ride. Risk it all as you mess with and escape from the cops to grab his attention.

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