New Report Reveals Smartphone Game Plans For Sony



Mobile gaming – the bain of people who consider themselves to be real gamers, and pretty much anybody who has at least a couple of years dabbling in the medium – could be about to get even bigger.

At least that’s if a new report revealing Sony’s smartphone game plans is to be believed. The news comes via Nikkei who note that Sony’s mobile gaming division – ForwardWorks – plans to release “five or more” games before 2018.

The games could launch as early as March of that year, and will mostly be focused on a Japanese and Asian audience. If you’re worried that Sony will be breaking away from their beloved IPs for greener pastures however, it’s not all bad news as Nikkei also report “some older games that cannot be played on the latest hardware will be revived”.

There’s also some indication that Sony will be looking to challenge the much rumoured Nintendo NX, which is expected to mix home and mobile gaming when it’s finally announced. The report notes that “games may be linked to consoles as well”.


ForwardWorks have previously worked on titles like Ratchet & Clank: Before The Nexus and Run Sackboy Run and was set up by Sony earlier this year to keep on top of the burgeoning mobile games market.

At the minute, it looks like the games will mostly be targeted at the Asian market, though there’s some rumours that we’ll also get a look in the west. Either way, the games will be available for both iPhone and Android.