New Resident Evil Movie Will Be Inspired By ‘Resident Evil 7’

by : Tom Percival on : 26 Nov 2018 15:00

Forget Milla Jovovich wall-kicking a zombie Dobermann in the face in slow-motion, the rebooted Resident Evil movie franchise is going in a decidedly more horrifying new direction. In the direction of Dulvey, Louisiana, to be precise.


It’s been a good while since the Resident Evil movie reboot was announced, and things have been relatively quiet since then.

We know that Constantin Films are helming the project, with Greg Russo on script duties and James Wan directing. Horror fans might recognise Wan from films like Saw, Insidious and The Conjuring.

Well, Russo has now spoken out about his inspiration during the writing process, and he seems pretty intent on following Capcom’s lead with re-inventing the series. In a brief interview with Discussing Film, Russo noted how Resident Evil 7 was a big inspiration for him while working on his draft.


He said:

For me it was very clear cut that I wanted to go back and make it scary again like a horror film in terms of the classic James Wan style so that was the pitch, going back and looking what made the games scary in the first place so yea Resident Evil 7 was a bit of a touchstone for my draft.

He went on to say that to him, Resident Evil has always been horror first and action second, so it’s encouraging to hear that somebody close to the project shares the feelings of the fanbase when it comes to taking the franchise back to its roots.

Of course, it needs to be noted that while Russo has handed in his draft to Constantin Films and they seemed happy with his work, it’s ultimately up to them what they do with it.

Personally, I’d love to see a Texas Chainsaw Massacre-style Resi movie featuring the Baker Family with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson showing up as Chris Redfield and punching boulders for the last 20 minutes.

Welcome to the family, son.

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