New Resident Evil Teased By Capcom, Full Reveal Coming Next Month

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New Resident Evil Teased By Capcom, Full Reveal Coming Next Month Capcom

Following on from reports earlier in the month that Capcom was secretly testing a new Resident Evil game, it looks as if we’re now mere days away from an official reveal regarding whatever undead delights the developer has up its sleeve. 

If you head over to this website, you’ll see that Capcom is teasing something called “Project Resistance”, with a full reveal coming on September 9. While the name alone doesn’t really suggest the project is Resident Evil related, the font is literally the same font used in all Resi titles, and the “RE” in resistance is highlighted red – a dead giveaway.


Take a look at the teaser for yourself below and tell me it doesn’t give off the strongest Resident Evil vibes. If you disagree, you’re wrong. Okay? Okay.

We know from back at the start of August that Capcom invited a number of “Biohazard Ambassadors” (Resident Evil fanclub members, basically) to try out a new game. While it wasn’t explicitly confirmed to be a Resi title at the time, the fact that Biohazard Ambassadors specifically were invited to test the game was pretty suspect.

According to the mysterious website, the grand unveiling of Project Resistance will take place during the Tokyo Game Show 2019, where developers will be showing off a good look at gameplay too. We can expect more than a quick CG trailer, then.


Certain lucky attendees at the event will even be able to get their hands on the mystery game, but they’ll need to pre-register to do so. The only question now is, just what the hell is Project Resistance?

Really, Project Resistance could end up being one of a few possible games. The Resident Evil 3 remake has been rumoured for a while now, but we still have no idea if such a project is far along enough in development to be shown off, if it’s even in development at all.


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There’s also a chance that Project Resistance could end up being our first look at Resident Evil 8, which is said to be dropping the first-person perspective of Resi 7 following the strong feedback from Resi 2’s return to third-person action.


While I would have previously suggested the reveal would be for one of the two aforementioned games, it’s been pointed out that the page for Resident Evil Outbreak has been completely wiped. Interestingly, this also happened to the Resident Evil 2 website right before the remake was announced.

For the uninitiated, Resident Evil Outbreak was an online multiplayer survival title for the PS2 that had some genuinely interesting ideas, but was ultimately let down by the technical limitations of the time. Online functionality for game consoles has come on leaps and bounds since then, so it could very well be that Capcom is ready to return to Outbreak.


We’ll find out for sure on September 9, but I’m now really hoping that Resident Evil Outbreak is finally getting a chance to shine.


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