New Resident Evil Vendetta Trailer Looks Absolutely Awesome

by : Ewan Moore on : 15 Feb 2017 09:21

With Resident Evil 7 taking the franchise back to its low-key survival horror roots, the latest CG film is keen to go in the opposite direction. 


Resident Evil Vendetta is more in line with the action packed zombie killing carnage of Resident Evil 6, but given this is supposed to be an action move we’ll give it a pass.

The latest trailer teases some truly gruesome looking monsters, a New York outbreak, and the return of some familiar faces. Check it out below.


Leon S Kennedy and Chris Redfield are back in action, running around and being super macho, shooting pretty much everything in sight and having arguments in gruff voices.


Rebecca Chambers of Resident Evil 0 fame also puts in an appearance in the trailer, where we learn that she gets kidnapped. Here’s hoping she gets a little more to do in the film than be the token damsel.

Vendetta is set for a Japanese release of May 27, 2017, while we should see it hit Western shores by Summer. It’s also been reported by GameRant that the film will be in theaters for a limited run before coming to home video.

The last entry in the live-action Resident Evil film series was The Final Chapter, and helped pushed the entire film series past the $1 billion point at the global box office.

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