New Seasons Mod Makes Fallout 4 Look Like The Last Of Us


If you’re sick of Fallout 4‘s wasteland looking super drab, then clap your eyes on this new mod that adds a dash of colour in the nuclear apocalypse.

The mod – uploaded to NexusMods by a user called GamesDuchess – mixes a number of other mods together to create a feeling of “nature reclaiming the wasteland”, and it would be no far cry to say it looks a lot like Naughty Dog’s post-apocalyptic Last of Us.

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Spring adds greenery and flowers into the mix, in Autumn trees become fuller and less hallowed, while Winter adds a dusting snow to the Commonwealth. GamesDuchess says that inspiration for the mod come from modern day photos of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

GamesDuchess says:

Those places are extremely green and growing, with nature and animals there as much if not more than they were before the atomic bombs went off. And it’s been far less than 200 years.

At the minute, the seasons don’t cycle with the in-game date so you have to switch them manually, but having a constant revolution is the next step. You can download the mod here on NexusMods.