New Skyrim Mod Plays The Game Itself, So You Don’t Have To

by : Ewan Moore on : 29 Apr 2019 15:02
New Skyrim Mod Plays The Game Itself, So You Don't Have ToBethesda

Despite perhaps having been re-released a few too many times at this point, Skyrim is undoubtedly one of the finest games of all time. A staggeringly huge, deeply immersive RPG that lets you carve out your own epic path of adventure, at your own pace. 

We all of us have our own unique memories of our time with Skyrim, no doubt. Whether you played as a roguish mage with a penchant for pick-pocketing, a noble warrior with a strict code of honour, or a simple farmer who kept their head down and ignored those pesky dragon attacks, you played it your way – that’s what counted.


Well, thanks to a brand new mod, you don’t actually need to play Skyrim your way – or any way at all any more. Why not just let the game play itself?  Check it out below.

SkyTrek, is billed as mod for Skyrim that is designed to take over play while “you eat lunch” by automating vast swathes of the game. I’m not entirely certain why anyone would want to let the game play itself so they can go and do something else, but then again microtransactions basically do the same thing, so what the hell do I know?

The official description suggests that SkyTrek is handy for roleplayers, screenarchers, or anyone that needs to record some gameplay but doesn’t have the time to sit and actually capture a play session. To be fair, I can fully appreciate that last one. Good looking out, SkyTrek!


From the NexusMods description:

SkyTrek allows the player character to travel on foot, horse or dragon to either a set or radiant destination of their choice. The radiant system is custom made and can work “out of the box” with any mod added location or world, provided it is correctly keyworded! There is also an automated combat system for use while traveling with optional shouting and class system.

Brilliantly, there’s even something called a “life” toggle, which turns your player from an adventurer to an NPC who simply slowly ambles around town, drinking in the scenery and enjoying the fresh air.


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If you’re sick and tired of those cheeky scumbags at Bethesda asking you to actually play their games like some kind of peasant and want to try out SkyTrek for yourself, simply head here and follow the installation instructions.

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