New Sony Handheld Console Reportedly Leaked Online


It looks like Sony might well be working on a new handheld console if a recent patent by the company is to be believed.

After the interesting life of the PlayStation Vita (and by interesting I mean laboured and suffering) it would appear Sony aren’t quite done in the handheld console market yet.

A patent for an ‘electronic game cartridge’ was quietly made public by Sony in South Korea, and the designs are very intriguing.

Check them out below:


Sadly there’s no real information about the design other than what you can see there, but it’s reasonable to expect Sony are exploring the possibilities again given the success of the Nintendo Switch.

There’s some speculation online that this might be some sort of extender for the PlayStation 5, and not a stand-alone console or handheld in its own right. But again, that is pure speculation.

It’s also very much worth pointing out that even though a patent has been placed for a product, it might not see the light of day, and if it does it could be a vastly different design.

Take for example this patent Sony filed way back in 2017 that looks suspiciously like a Nintendo Switch.

It would be super interesting to see what a next-generation handheld would look like from Sony, and how they might incorporate that into their plans going forward, but I personally wouldn’t be holding my breath for any huge announcements soon.

Although I would sell my kidneys for a chance to play Last Of Us: Part II on a crowded train at 6.30am.

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