New Splinter Cell Teased By Sam Fisher Voice Actor


Rumours of a new Splinter Cell have been floating around for a while now, with many fans believing a new entry in Ubisoft’s stealth thriller series was all set to be announced at E3 2018. 

Sadly, that didn’t come to pass. While Sam Fisher did show up in Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands, fans of the stealthy stallion and his espionage antics haven’t given up hope that he’ll make a return in his own game soon.


It now looks as if that dream may very soon become a reality, as fans have worked themselves into a fine lather over a recent social media tease from Luca Ward, the actor who voices Sam Fisher in the Italian version of Splinter Cell.

Posting on his official Facebook page, the actor uploaded a photo of himself next to the three iconic neon green dots that represent the Splinter Cell logo. He then made the image his cover photo, implying he’s pretty keen for people to see it, given it’s now the first thing you’ll see if you visit his profile.

Just to make sure people understood what the green dots were in reference to, Ward then shared a link to a YouTube video for music from the first Splinter Cell game in the comments underneath the image.

Luca Ward

While this is obviously not confirmation of a new Splinter Cell game, it certainly seems to imply that something is coming. Ubisoft Chief Creative Officer Serge Hascoet had previously suggested that making a new game in the series was just a case of “resources”, and that the publisher haven’t forgotten about Sam Fisher.

Meanwhile, industry analyst Michael Pachter reckons a new Splinter Cell will arrive in 2019. He also claims we’ll get a new BioShock in 2020 and that Black Ops 4: Blackout and Overwatch will go free to play this year, so make of his comments what you will.


My best guess? If we were getting a brand new Splinter Cell in 2019 ,we more than likely would have heard something last year, so this tease from Ward is probably nothing more than a Sam Fisher cameo in The Division 2.