New Star Wars Theme Park Footage Looks Out Of This World


I’ve never been a huge fan of theme parks. Here in the UK, it tends to be all screaming kids, long queues, drizzly weather, and £10 for a burger. Pass. 

Being a massive Star Wars fan though, I find it very hard to resist the pull of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, a new theme park opening up at sunny Disneyland (which, having visited once when I was younger is probably the only exception to my dislike of these places).


Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is opening summer 2019 at Anaheim Disneyland Resort and fall 2019 at Orlando Walt Disney World Resort, and looks set to be the ultimate destination for nerf herders everywhere.

Disney has slowly and carefully teased out footage over the last few months, but an exciting new two minute behind-the-scenes video offers us our best look at the park yet.

You can check it out below, and drink in the extensive first looks at at the two theme park rides. Millennium Falcon Smugglers Run, puts fans in Han Solo’s iconic craft, while Rise of the Resistance, throws you into an epic, visceral battle against The First Order. They both look legit.

I’m particularly excited for Rise of the Resistance, which is being billed as “the biggest and most immersive Disney Parks attraction ever.” Who doesn’t want to speed past AT-AT Walkers before coming face to face with Kylo Ren in an explosive climax?

Carrie Beck, Vice President of LucasFilm Story Group claims that walking into Galaxy’s Edge for the first time will be a “jaw dropping” and “emotional” experience, which I can totally understand. Even just watching the video got me a little moist in the eyes, if I’m being honest.

It truly does look like a ton of thought and passion went into to creating the most immersive, detailed, and action-packed Star Wars experience to date. As Beck notes at the end of the video, this should be a place Star Wars fans and families can enjoy the iconic sci-fi franchise for “decades to come.”