New Superman Game By Rocksteady Reportedly In The Pipeline

Superman World's Finest RocksteadyRocksteady/Warner Bros.

The rumour mill is currently ablaze with talk that the Arkham series developer Rocksteady are hard at work on a new Superman game. 

Rumours appear to have emerged from a website called Game System Requirements listing the game Superman: World’s Finest, with Rocksteady attached as developers.

A ResetEra user first broke the news after discovering the listing and posting about it, prompting others to throw in their 2 cents as to whether or not they thought it was real.

Turns out most people do give it some credence.

Game System Requirements as a source is dubious, but not entirely useless.

It lists PC spec requirements for games (cunning title for a website I think you’ll agree) and a listing for Devil May Cry 5 also appeared on the site before an official announcement was made at E3.

The name Superman: World’s Finest is apparently in reference to a comic series of the same name, which features Superman, Batman and Robin.

A betting man would say there’s good odds on the caped crusader and the boy wonder popping up at some points throughout the game.

Rocksteady were absent from this year’s E3 but it’s known they’re working on a AAA title which they’ll be ready to announce soon.

With The Game Awards fast approaching, there’s also some heavy speculation that Superman: World’s Finest will be one of the 10 titles being announced at the show.

We’ll know either way when the awards air next week on December 6th.