New Survey Suggests More Women Than Men Own Games Consoles


In a recent study, an interesting statistic seems to suggest that more women than men own games consoles in the U.S.

Conducted by the Pew Research Centre, the study asked a host of questions about device ownership and technology in our daily lives, with a lot of blindingly obvious answers. Statistics like 68 per cent of American adults own a smartphone, and 45 per cent have tablets aren’t exactly groundbreaking.

When asked about games consoles, 40 per cent of Americans asked, admitted to owning one in either the Playstation or Xbox family – with 56 per cent of 18-29 year-olds getting their game on, compared to just eight per cent of those over 65.

Gawker Media

Something else that the survey suggests, is that more women than men own games consoles in the U.S., but only by a narrow margin. Apparently 42 per cent of women asked compared to 37 per cent of men confessed to owning one.


While the survey doesn’t reveal exactly what questions it asked to gain this data, looking at the study’s method highlights that slightly more women than men were asked about their gaming habits, but this is not enough of a large number to skew the outcome by any noticeable margin.

These results are interesting if they turn out to be true, but without knowing more about how the study was conducted, it’s practically impossible to know whether these findings are indicative of the truth.