New Unreal Tournament Development Halted By Epic Amid Fortnite’s Success

Epic Games

Epic Games has confirmed that the new Unreal Tournament has stopped active development. Epic Games boss Tim Sweeney confirmed to Variety that the game is still available to play, but don’t expect anything more to be added to it. 

This follows the news from September that Epic had moved over most of the Unreal Tournament team to work on Fortnite in the wake of the battle royale game’s insane success.

Epic Games

The new Unreal Tournament was announced way back in 2014, and was developed on Epic’s Unreal Engine 4.

The idea was to create a game that was true to its roots as a competitive FPS, and Epic planned an “open” development structure, that would come as a result of collaboration from the players, Unreal Engine 4 devs, and Epic themselves.

Unfortunately this hasn’t been the case, and as Fortnite has grown in popularity Epic has had no choice but to pour more and more of their resources into keeping the game moving along.

Unreal isn’t the first Epic game to take a hit thanks to Fortnite. At the start of the year Epic announced its free-to-play MOBA Paragon was shutting down, in part to give the company more time to work on the battle royale.

Fortnite wins Game of the Year.Epic Games

With Fortnite showing absolutely no signs of slowing down, don’t be surprised if Epic tightens its focus even further in future.

For now, they’re still working a rival to Steam, and of course still operate the Unreal Engine, two massive ongoing projects I don’t see them ditching any time soon.