New Video Game Featuring Suicidal Babies Is Weird As Hell

baby muder gameJoe Williams/Kickstarter

A pretty dark ‘baby suicide’ game that began life as a joke is now being developed into a full release.

The game called Who’s Your Daddy pits players against each other with one taking control of a hapless father and the other, a suicidal baby.

The creator, Joe Williams, claims that the game started as a joke but as he worked on it he began to see the games potential. Wondering whether people would like the games pitch black sense of humour he went to Kickstarter to try and fund the game. People seem to love the idea of infanticide and the game easily reached its $1,500 goal on the crowdfunding platform. It’s expected for release in 2016.

The game’s quite simple, the father’s goal is to stop the baby from killing itself. This is done by locking bins, hiding knives and any other lethal items. Meanwhile the baby is supposed to hide from the dad and put himself in danger in an effort to kill himself. This can be done by drinking chemicals, putting forks in sockets and even cooking yourself in the oven.

The games just one, of a number of bizarre father and son games to have come out recently, including the weird but super popular ‘Shower With Your Dad Simulator’.

The game looks seriously funny, and although the deaths can be brutal they’re not over the top and clearly meant to make you laugh. Nevertheless expect some moral outrage when it’s released from the Daily Mail in a few months. Seriously though let’s be honest this game isn’t going to teach parent to put their babies in the oven, it’s just a video game.