New Walking Dead Game Announced, But It’s Not What You Think



The Walking Dead is a franchise of varying quality. Both the comic and the TV show can swing from top quality to really rather shit, and its videogame interpretations are no different. 

But while the most successful Walking Dead videogames have to be the methodical and emotional Telltale adventures, this new effort decides to go in an entirely different, action oriented direction.

Essentially, it’s a fancy looking cabinet shooter (called simply The Walking Dead) that lets you go full Daryl and cut down hordes of zombies with a ‘light crossbow’.

Developed by Raw Thrills and Play Mechanix – companies who have also put out arcade experiences based on Jurassic Park and Batman – The Walking Dead clearly takes its cues from classic arcade machines like The House of the Dead.

Still, it looks like there’s more than enough here to make sure it’s a truly unique arcade experience, because lord knows the last thing the world needs is another generic zombie lightgun shooter.

For example, I reckon the ability to switch up to melee weapons such as hammers is a pretty cool touch – check out the trailer below (as spotted by Arcade Heroes).

The Walking Dead arcade machine will be released in January 2017. Let’s hope your local arcade (if that’s still a thing) decides to pick one up, because I doubt you or I could afford the fucker.