New Warcraft Trailer Lands, Might Actually Be A Decent Videogame Film

img1 warcraftmovie

There’s a shiny new trailer for Warcraft: The Beginning – and it doesn’t look awful. Actually, it looks like Warcraft – the game it’s based on. Surprise!

Now, that might not sound like a huge thing – but considering the likes of Super Mario Bros and the Resident Evil films, actually resembling the source material is a very promising start indeed.

Check out the trailer below. Don’t be shy.

It has everything you could possibly want from an action fantasy film trailer: beards, giant CGI beasts, more beards, castles, beards, swords, and giant CGI beasts with beards. I’m sold.

I have every right to this small glimmer of hope I hold for Warcraft: The Beginning. 

It’s directed (and co-written) by Duncan Jones, son of David Bowie, director of the excellent Moon, and self proclaimed videogame fan.

If we’ve learnt anything from past videogame adaptation efforts, it’s that the people making the films should really understand the source material – and Mr Jones might just be the man to get it right.