New Zelda Job Listings Tease Exciting New Details For Next Game


It’s no secret that we’ll be getting a new Legend of Zelda at some point in the future, but after Breath of the Wild completely rewrote the rulebook in terms of what to expect from a Zelda, the next game really could do or be anything. 

Thankfully, it seems we’ve gained just a little more insight in what the follow up to Breath of the Wild could entail, courtesy of new job listings looking for people to come work on the next Zelda.


Meanwhile, the level designer will do pretty much what you expect. Plan game events, the field, dungeons, and enemies. While all of this seems pretty standard, I find myself intrigued by the term “game events”.

The most likely explanation is that “game events” refers to random things that occur in the overworld, like the monster attacks in Breath of the Wild, or the moments when you spot characters hunting or out foraging.

Then again, there’s the exciting possibility that “game events” could point towards some kind of shared world/online functionality for the new Zelda – one in which random online events can occur as you explore the world.

There’s no way to know for sure right now of course, and it’s far more likely to be the former option. Still, it doesn’t hurt to dream, and a Zelda with proper online functionality would be the next logical step forward for the franchise.


For now, let’s just take solace in the fact that there is a new Zelda game on the way, and that it will – apparently – have dungeons.